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Headstrong Placement Papers

Our Focus

We’re dedicated to the financial services industry. Our experts focus on the industry’s unique issues to deliver real value and create your competitive advantage.

Our Approach

It’s not just what we do. It’s how we do it. Our methods are strategic, researched, proven, adaptable and aligned with your business culture. We believe in high-touch account management centered on your needs at all times, during change, during growth and during streamlining.

Our People

Our people are specialists. We have extensive financial services experience. Seventy percent of our recruits come from the securities industry in local markets. We hire from premiere institutes, and our experts have worked with the largest banks, consulting companies and IT product companies in the world.

Our partners are visionaries. We choose them for their excellent customer satisfaction, proven track records and value.
Calypso Technology Inc.
Eagle Investment
Sterling Commerce
Sun Microsystems
Founded in 1981 as James Martin Associates, Headstrong has a long history of structured approaches to system building.
We published the first Information Engineering Methodology to translate business needs into system solutions, and today we make many of our processes freely available to the project management community through gantthead.com. We operate in seven countries, with extensive offshore and nearshore capabilities.

Our corporate timeline traces the organization’s growth, from the early days of product development to our present focus on business integration.

Headstrong Placement Papers :-

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