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5 Things To Learn About A Company Before Your Job Interview

5 Things To Learn About A Company Before Your Job Interview

If you’re applying for the company or appointed for an interview you’re likely to be asked why you want to work for the company and what you know about them? Hence this is an essential part or you can say homework for the interview on the company. So for those who don’t invest their time in learning about the company, here are few ideas on what you should know before going to an interview.


  1. Company history and what it does:

    How did they start? Who is the owner / CEO of the company? With what purpose the company was started? All of them will give you an idea about the basic history of the company you want to work for. Now let’s move on the next what the company does? This may seem a bit ridiculous point. But take some time and learn about the basic concepts of the company so as to show the initiative in you for the post. The interviewer will feel like as you have no effort for this job unless and until you’ll put some effort in preparation of the interview.

  2. Company culture:

    Sometimes it is hard to find a true snap shot of the company culture. The Missions, The Value Statements may say something different, but is it a place like to work actually? Searching out some sort of information may help you to decide that this is the culture you want to flourish in.

  3. What sets the company apart from others:

    If the company you want to work for is not large enough of interest to be in news or media outlets. Then it may still have a team – a marketing team which looks after press releases on the company blogs or social networking sites.

  4. Current events:

    To know about the latest company events is a must for the interviewer. You never know which question you may have to face? So it’s better to be pre prepared for it. Google new is the easiest way to dig up the recent event. If you’re aspiring to work for a longer term in the particular company follow the company on social networking sites, their leaders.

  5. Who will be interviewing you:

    Most of the time this information will be delivered to you and just leave it at that? Or else Google your interviewer’s basic information: who they are, what is their position over there? This may lead the interviewer a follower kind of feeling, especially if you bring up something during the interview.

Since you’ve come to know about the key points about different companies at your fingertips, don’t miss out any of the important step. Do your thoroughness and go well prepared.

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