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10 best job interview tips for job seekers

10 best job interview tips for job seekers

Once you’ve successfully majored your cover letters, resumes now just one more hill to climb to get the dream job for you is – the interview. Job interviews may seem tremendous and a bit stressful, but they are not. A bit of preparation and knowledge will lead you a long way. So here are 10 best job interview tips for the job seekers.


  1. Research the company:

    Before going for the interview, do some research about the company. Visit their website. Try to learn about the company as much as you can, go through the media releases, product and service information. Take a look to their major clients and name of the persons on the key positions.

  2. Research the role:

    Take a brief understanding for the position you’re being interviewed. Do make a call to someone who has been gone through that particular role. So that you can be prepared to explain the answers of the questions easily and with confident.

  3. Research yourself:

    As you’ll come to know about the company and the role for you’re going for the interview, think about that are you a good fit for it? Flash back your past achievement and how you went about achieving them. Reflect upon how have you build up on your strengths. Overcome you weakness.

  4. Dress properly:

    Depending on the position you’re being hired, take out the best stuff you have for the interview and check them over. You should be well groomed with your hair tidy, clean shoes. Above all, first impression is the last impression.

  5. Practice answering questions:

    There are couples of common question that are likely to be asked in most of the interviews. Go through the best interview answers to the common interview questions. Never memorize those questions as you may never know what question you’ll come across. Answer only to that what is being asked to you.

  6. Take a look on your body language:

    Don’t let your body language try to harm or damage the impression you’re trying to convey. Try to make eye contact in the interview. Take deep breaths and the most important – smile. 🙂

  7. Ask them you questions:

    If you’ll not ask back questions you’ll miss the opportunity to get some valuable information. Because interviewers like thoughtful and intelligent interviewees. Comp up with few questions of your own that are related to your profile and company specifications.

  8. Arrive on time:

    Not too early and too late, just be on time. Enter the building 10-15 mins before the interview and compose yourself and what you want to say.

  9. Build relationship:

    Assume that the interviewer is on your side which may give you a feeling of relax. If you succeed to build a good rapport with the interviewer, it may even help you to relax after the over-whelming interview.

  10. Follow – up:

    A sweet simple letter or email to thanking the company for conducting the interview, restates your interest in position. Take a look to do’s and don’ts of follow up job interviews.

Time to cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Good luck!!!!

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